God Turned on the light..!!

Husband and Wife go to see the doctor for their annual medicals. Husband goes in first and once he's finished, the doctor asks him to send Wife in.

"Before we start,I need to speak to you about your husband," says the doctor in a concerned tone of voice. "To be honest I am a bit worried about him. I asked him how everything was going and he said that he'd never felt better, everything was fantastic."

"What's so worrying about that?" asks Wife.

"That's what I am coming to. He said that when he got up this morning he went to the bathroom, opened up the door and God turned on the light for him. And when he left the bathroom, he shut the door, and God turned the light off for him too. Now I'm afraid that delusions like that simply are not normal."

Wife rolls her eyes towards heaven.

"Oh dear, oh dear," she says, "it sounds like he's been peeing in the fridge again..."

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