Beckham's New Thermos flask

Posh was shopping in Tesco and lost Becks. When she found him he was in the household aisle staring at the display. She asked him what he was staring at and he pointed to the shelf. 

'What's these things?' He said, 'a lot of the lads take them on the bus when we travel' She said, 'they're Thermos flasks, David. They keep hot things hot or cold things cold'. 

When he asked how it knew the difference she thought better of trying to explain it and merely said he should maybe get one for himself.

The next day he turned up at the training ground and proudly showed off his new flask, telling everyone how it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.

They said they knew all about them and asked what he had in his. He said, 'two cups of tea and a choc-ice'.

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