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A man suspects his wife of having an affair. One day he decides to leave work early and check on his wife. After arriving at their apartment building, he sees a car in their guest parking spot and knows something is up. He rushes up the stairs to his 7th story apartment and kicks in the door. His wife rushes from the bedroom wrapped in a towel. The man, now furious, storms through the apartment, ripping open closets and throwing furniture around. Finally he notices fingers gripping the edge of the balcony. The husband immediately sees red and starts attacking the hands, crushing them and stomping on them. The man, pleading for help finally loses his grip and falls, landing in the bushes below, barely clinging to life. The husband rips the fridge from the wall and drops it onto the dying man below, killing him. Satisfied, he spins around to deal with his wife, and drops dead from a heart attack. 

Moments later, at the pearly gates, Saint Peter calls for the next person in line. "Good morning, I'm Saint Peter. Tell me how you died and I will see if I can let you in today." "Well sir, I was a window washer for 40 years, and today I was working on a 12 story apartment building. Right after I started, my rig broke and I fell, barely catching myself on a balcony a few story below. Suddenly a crazy man comes out and beats on my hands til I fall. Luckily the bushes broke my fall, but then the phyco tossed his fridge on me, and poof, I was here." Saint Peter quickly welcomes the man in and sends him on his way.

The next man approaches, the husband. Again Saint Peter asks for the story. After explaining, Saint Peter, shocked decides that, while it was muder, it was understandable, and lets him in.

Still amazed at the husband's story, ol' Pete calls up the next guy and says, "I've heard some crazy stories today, tell me what happens and we'll see what I can do about getting you in." "Picture this, I'm naked and in a fridge..."  

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