Few commandments


God had come up with few commandments and was looking for someone He could give them to. First He went to France and offered them to a Frenchman:

"So, what are they like?" Asked the Frenchman
God replied: "Thou shalt not commit adulter-"
Frenchman interrupted: "Not interested!"

So God went to Germany, and offered the commandments to a German.
"So, what are they like?" Asked the German.
God replied: "Thous shalt not kil-"
The German interrupted: "Not interested!"

God wandered around for a while, until he came to Sinai where he saw a bearded dude on a mountain. God offered the commandments, and the man asked:
"What's the price?"
God replied: "They are fre-"
The man interrupted: "I'll take ten!" 

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