Crazy Laws from Around the World

All countries having some real stupid and crazy laws which do not have any meaning at all. But, this list is top on all of them. :

1.You’re not allowed to flag a taxi down in London if you have the plague. Erm, seeing as I don’t know anyone who has the plague, isn’t it about time this ancient law was updated?!

2.Women aren’t allowed to go topless in Liverpool- unless they work in a tropical fish store!

3.Residents in Ohio, USA are banned from getting fish drunk. Unfortunately, I can’t find a reason why someone thought there was the need for such a law.

4.A pregnant women is legally entitled to go for a piss anywhere she likes in the UK! If shes desperate, she can even ask a policeman to remove his helmet so she can do the necessary!

5.It’s apparently illegal to die in the houses of Parliament– I was wondering what the punishment would be if the worst was to happen! Your guess is as good as mine!

6.Another one from America (surprise, surprise)….It’s against the law for cats and dogs to fight in North Carolina. What are they going to do though, arrest them?

7.Strange but true….If someone knocks on your door in Scotland and asks to use your toilet, you must let them in! Not a lot of people know about this law apparently….and on behalf of Scottish people reading this– just as well, I say!

8.In some places in America, a women is only allowed to get false teeth fitted if she’s got written permission from her husband– what if he says no?!

9.In Tennessee, USA, it’s against the law to drive a car while your asleep! I’m still amazed that they actually need a law for this– surely it’s common sense?!

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